X3DTK::X3DMultiPassProcessor Class Reference

Abstract class declared in <X3DTK/kernel.h> defining the concept of multi pass processor. More...

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X3DTK::X3DProcessor X3DTK::MESH::ConnectedComComputer X3DTK::MESH::TemplateNormalsUpdater< MData, VData, EData, FData, RW > X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaver X3DTK::X3D::WorldCoordTranslator List of all members.

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Detailed Description

Abstract class declared in <X3DTK/kernel.h> defining the concept of multi pass processor.

A multi pass processor is made up of a multiple walker and visitor. Several traversals of the scene graph are made. The different traversals are accessed by a string key. For more details about how to define a processor, see the processor page.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

X3DTK::X3DMultiPassProcessor::X3DMultiPassProcessor  ) 


virtual X3DTK::X3DMultiPassProcessor::~X3DMultiPassProcessor  )  [pure virtual]


Member Function Documentation

GraphTraversal* X3DTK::X3DMultiPassProcessor::getGraphTraversal const SFString processor  )  const

Gets the GraphTraversal.

virtual void X3DTK::X3DMultiPassProcessor::setComponentVisitor const SFString processor,
X3DComponentVisitor component

Sets a component visitor for the processor traversal.

If there is already a visitor recorded for this component, then it is deleted and replaced by the new one.

void X3DTK::X3DMultiPassProcessor::setGraphTraversal const SFString processor,
GraphTraversal graphTraversal

Sets the GraphTraversal of the processor traversal.

For a Depth First Search traversal, use X3DTK::DFSGraphTraversal.

virtual void X3DTK::X3DMultiPassProcessor::setWalker const SFString processor,
Walker walker

Sets the Walker for the processor traversal.

void X3DTK::X3DMultiPassProcessor::traverse const SFString processor,
X3DAbstractNode N

Traverses the scene graph for the processor traversal.

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