X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer Class Reference

Base class declared in <X3DTK/X3D/scenegraph.h>, part of the NURBS component defining a CoordinateDeformer (documentation). More...

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Public Member Functions

Protected Member Functions

Detailed Description

Base class declared in <X3DTK/X3D/scenegraph.h>, part of the NURBS component defining a CoordinateDeformer (documentation).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::CoordinateDeformer  ) 


X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::CoordinateDeformer const MFVec3f controlPoint,
const MFNode inputCoord,
const MFNode inputTransform,
const MFNode outputCoord,
const MFFloat weight

Constructs a CoordinateDeformer from it attribute.

virtual X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::~CoordinateDeformer  )  [virtual]

Virtual destructor.

X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::CoordinateDeformer const CoordinateDeformer N  )  [protected]

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::addChild const SFNode N  )  [virtual]

Adds a child to the Children attribute. Returns TRUE if succeeds.

virtual SFNode X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::clone  )  const [virtual]

Clones the node.

Reimplemented from X3DTK::X3DAbstractNode.

virtual MFNode X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::getChildList  )  const [virtual]

Gets the children list.

const MFVec3f& X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::getControlPoint  )  const [inline]

Gets the controlPoint attribute.

const MFNode& X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::getInputCoord  )  const [inline]

Gets the inputCoord attribute.

const MFNode& X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::getInputTransform  )  const [inline]

Gets the inputTransform attribute.

const MFNode& X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::getOutputCoord  )  const [inline]

Gets the outputCoord attribute.

const MFFloat& X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::getWeight  )  const [inline]

Gets the weight attribute.

virtual void X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::load const X3DFileElement element  )  [virtual]

Loads the attributes from a X3DFileElement e.

virtual bool X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::setChild const SFNode N  )  [virtual]

Sets the child. Behaves like addChild.

void X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::setControlPoint const MFVec3f controlPoint  ) 

Sets the controlPoint attribute.

void X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::setInputCoord const MFNode inputCoord  ) 

Sets the inputCoord attribute.

void X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::setInputTransform const MFNode inputTransform  ) 

Sets the inputTransform attribute.

void X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::setOutputCoord const MFNode outputCoord  ) 

Sets the outputCoord attribute.

void X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::setWeight const MFFloat weight  ) 

Sets the weight attribute.

virtual SFString& X3DTK::X3D::CoordinateDeformer::write SFString output  )  const [virtual]

Writes the attributes of the node.

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