Romain Vergne, Associate professor (MCF)
Affiliation: Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Inria
CNU section: 27
Research unity: Laboratoire Jean Kunztmann (UMR 5224)
Tel: (+33) 4 76 61 53 85

-- Work experience --

Since 2012: associate professor (Grenoble Alpes University, France). Located in the Maverick Inria project-team.
2011-2012: post-doc (Giessen, Germany). Toward a neural theory for 3D shape perception, with R.W. Fleming.
2010-2011: post-doc (Giessen, Germany). Appearance control and material perception, with K. Gegenfurtner.
2009: internship (Adobe System Inc. Seattle, USA). Hedcut Stippling (3 months).
2009: consulting (Filamakademie, Germany). Implementation of the 'light warping' paper.
2007: internship (LaBRI, Bordeaux, France). NPR visualization of urban scenes on mobile devices (2 months).
2007: internship (LaBRI, Bordeaux, France). 3D object styization using HDR environment maps (6 months).
2006: internship (LaBRI, Bordeaux, France). Design of a non-photorealistic platform (3.5 months).
2006: programming project (Univ. Bordeaux, France). Real-time rendering of large 3D objects (4 months).

-- Educational background --

2007-2010: Ph.D. in computer graphics (Univ. Bordeaux, France). Expressive shape depiction through shading and lines, supervised by Christophe Schlick, Xavier Granier and Pascal Barla
2006-2007: Master 2 (Univ. Bordeaux, France). 5th year of studies in computer graphics (mention très bien).
2005-2006: Master 1 (Univ. Bordeaux, France). 4th year of studies in computer graphics (mention très bien).
2004-2005: Licence (Univ. Bordeaux, France). 3rd year of studies in computer science.
2003-2004: Licence (Univ. Toulouse, France). 3rd year of studies in engineering smart systems.
2001-2003: DUT (Univ. Bordeaux, France). 2 years technical degree in computer science.
2000-2001: Baccalauréat (Lycée Elysée Reclus, Ste Foy La Grande, France). French high-school diploma.

-- Teaching --

-- Publications --

-- Software --

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-- Supervised students --

* Post-docs
2019-2020: Elsa Roux, Inscriptions and architecture: analysis and visualization of blocks. Co-supervised with N. Mathieu.
2020: Maxime Garcia, Coherent procedural stylization of animated 3D scenes at the compositing stage. Co-supervised with J. Thollot.

* PH.D. students
2019-2022: Nolan Mestres, Stylized rendering of panorama maps. Co-supervised with J. Thollot.
2017-2020: Vincent Tavernier, stochastic textures. Co-supervised with F. Neyret & J. Thollot.
2015-2018: Alexandre Bléron, stylization of animated 3D scenes. Co-supervised with J. Thollot & T. Hurtut.
2015-2018: Jérémy Wambecke, temporal data visualization. Co-supervised with G. P. Bonneau & R. Blanch.
2013-2017: Benoit Arbelot, color and texture transfer between images. Co-supervised with J. Thollot & T. Hurtut.
2012-2015: Hugo Loi, programmable element textures. Co-supervised with J. Thollot & T. Hurtut.

* Master projects
2019: Maxime Isnel, Splatting-based procedural stylization. Co-supervised with J. Thollot.
2019: Anmol Hanagodimath, Stylizing shadows in panorama maps. Co-supervised with J. Thollot.
2018: Noha Wong, Image-based material editing. Co-supervised with J. Thollot.
2018: Jonathan Granier, Rendering panorama maps in the Novat style. Co-supervised with J. Thollot.
2017: Vincent Tavernier, artefactology in advected textures. Co-supervised with F. Neyret & J. Thollot.
2016: Christopher Dubois, periodic motions in time lapse sequences. Co-supervised with G.P. Bonneau.
2016: Jean Bourgeas, implementation of new features in the Gratin software.
2015: Thomas Jan Mahamad, animation of vector textures. Co-supervised with J. Thollot & T. Hurtut.
2015: Alexandre Bléron, edition of element textures. Co-supervised with J. Thollot & T. Hurtut.
2015: Jérémy Wambecke, automatic lighting design. Co-supervised with J. Thollot & G.P. Bonneau.
2013: Benoit Arbelot, color transfer between images. Co-supervised with J. Thollot & T. Hurtut.

* Internships
2019, 2 months: Mohamed Amine Farhat, Procedural stylized animations. Co-supervised with J. Thollot.
2016, 3 months: Santiago Montesdeoca, watercolor rendering. Co-supervised with P. Bénard & J. Thollot.
2016, 3 months: Hugo Frezat, procedural models for stylized painting. Co-supervised with J. Thollot & A. Bléron.
2016, 2 months: Thomas Lerchundi, texture-based selection in images. Co-supervised with J. Thollot & B. Arbelot.
2014, 4 months: Mehdi Nait-Sidous, motion exaggeration in images. Co-supervised with G.P. Bonneau.

-- Invited talks --

January 17th 2019: ensuring congruency between shape and light. IRIT: Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (France).
October 13th 2017: appearance manipulation in images. Blekinge Technology Institute (Karlskrona, Sueden).
October 23rd 2016: manipulating shapes in images. PRISM6 workshop (Marburg, Germany).
March 28th 2014: advanced course on 'perception & graphics'. Spring school of Ôkra (Roussillon, France).

-- Animation --

Since 2017: co-responsible of the GT rendu (with Guillaume Gilet) .
Since 2012: member of AFIG program committee .
2014, since 2016: member of SIBGRAPPI program committee .
2013: member of EGSR program committee .
Since 2009: regular reviewer for major journal and conferences in the domain (ACM TOG, CGF, IEEE TVCG, EGSR, VR, etc.) .

-- Cooperations --

2018-2022: CDP Patrimalp, coordinated by Emilie Chalmin.
2015-2019: ANR Materials, coordinated by Nicolas Holzschush.
2012-2016: ANR Content Mapstyle, coordinated by Sidonie Christophe.
2011-2012: BMBF collaboration between Giessen and Yale, coordinated by Roland W. Fleming.
2008-2011: ANR JCJC Animare, coordinated by Pascal Barla.
2008-2011: ANR Search, coordinated by Patrick Reuter.

-- Responsibilities --

April 19th 2019: Member of the jury for the PhD defense of Julien Fayer (University of Toulouse) .
2018: co-responsible of a MCF recruitment committee (University of Grenoble Alpes) .
Since 2017: member of the council of the LJK .
Since 2016: in charge of the Ph.D. students of the LJK at Inria .
2012-2019: internships responsibility (for 4th and 5th year students at Polytech Grenoble) .
2013: member of the 'commission d'auto-évaluation' of the LJK .
2014: participation in a MCF recruitment committee (University Claude Bernard Lyon 1) .