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Sunrise Wang

INRIA Rhône-Alpes
655, avenue de l'Europe
38334 Saint Ismier Cedex
Phone:(+33) 4 76 61 0000
Fax:(+33) 4 76 61 54 40

I am currently a first year PhD student on the Maverick team at Inria Rhone-Alpes.

Research themes

My thesis is primarily focused on dealing with many-lights rendering.

Recent publications

Here are my latest publications (non inria publications listed under cv because I'm not entirely sure how this system works):

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Curriculum Vitae

PUBLICATIONS (non Inria ones):
Evolving Controllable Emergent Crowd Behaviours with Neuro-Evolution - MSc Thesis, University of Cape Town
Controlling crowd simulations using Neuro-Evolution - ACM GECCO 2015, Madrid, Spain
Comparing NE crossover operators and probabilities in the context of controlling Crowd Simulations - IEEE WCCI 2014, Beijing, China

Pretty Pixel Programmer at RenderHeads - April 2016 to May 2018
Working on a variety of different projects, focusing on product development and support. Specifically, I mainly worked on the AVPro Unity assets, and Phoenix Fire, while fitting in a bunch of smaller projects in between these.

Research and Development at University of Cape Town - May 2015 to December 2015
Worked on a terrain modeling tool that uses terrain synthesis to allow artists to easily and interactively create highly realistic terrains. My primary task on this project was to allow the tool to synthesize larger terrains at finer details.

Software Developer at Triggerfish Animation Studios - September 2014 to October 2014
One month long internship spent at Triggerfish animation studios in South Africa. My main job was to write tools in Softimage for artists. The main tool I developed during this time was an animation library, which allowed for easy book keeping of the various animations, rigs, and keyframes produced by artists.

Software Developer at BBD - July 2012 to October 2012
Three month long internship at the software development company, BBD. The project I worked on was the SARS (South African Revenue Service) system, with my primary job being writing SQL and Python scripts to port all national taxpayer information from one database structure to another.

Master of Science (Computer Science) - University of Cape Town, 2013 - 2015
Bachelors of Information Technology - University of Pretoria, 2009 - 2012
High school certificate - Pretoria Boys High School, 2004 - 2008

Personal area

Here is what I like. Some links.

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