Adapting the Combined Diffraction-MicroFacet Model for designers

The realism of photorealistic pictures depends a lot on the realism of the materials used to depict the scene. The micro-facet model is widely used in research and industry for its simplicity and versatility. It covers materials from diffuse to specular, and connects to physical parameters (material chemical composition, roughness).

In Summer 2017, we introduced a new model, Combined Diffraction Micro-Facet that extends the micro-facet model by taking into account diffraction effects in the microgeometry of the surface. The new model is better at representing the observed behaviour of actual materials.

our multi-scale model in action

While the new model is good at representing actual materials, it was not designed for artists and designers. The goal in this research project is to adapt it for practical users: professional artists and designers. Research directions include: