The 2004 Eurographics Rendering Symposium on a Shoestring

Everyone knows that the EG Rendering Symposium is a wonderful conference, which every researcher or PhD student in Rendering should attend every year. Unfortunately, not every researcher (or PhD student) has access to unlimited funds. This web page attempts to list all ways and methods to come to the 2004 EG Rendering Symposium (in Norrköping, Sweden) with a very tight budget.

The options I chose here are (what fun) the hard options, always trying to get the cheapest possibility. Naturally, you can make your choice and pick up whatever you like. Looking forward to see you in Norrköping.

Going to Norrköping


From Europe, the cheapest way to get to Sweden in definitely Ryanair. Ryanair flies to Skavsta airport, in Nyköping, approximately 100 km south-west of Stockholm. What is interesting for us is that Norrköping is only 60 km west of Nyköping-Skavsta airport, and there is a bus line going directly from Nyköping-Skavsta airport to Norrköping. Other airlines fly to Stockholm-Arlanda airport, 200 km north-east of Norrköping (and 30 km north of Stockholm).

Going from Nyköping-Skavsta airport to Norrköping is a 40 mn trip, and will cost you 160 SEK (return ticket, approx. 16 €/$).

Ryanair have an interesting pricing strategy: the first tickets are sold at a very low price, sometimes less than 1 €. Of course, these tickets are only available to the (very) early birds. Prices of 20 € per trip are more typical.

All these prices are without add-ons (government taxes, airport taxes, PSC insurance and a credit card levy of 4£/6 €). Here is what you have to add to the price of your ticket for a return ticket, at the time of writing, for all destinations going to Nyköping-Skavsta:

From Taxes, levies, etc.
Aarhus (Danmark) 296 Kr
Frankfurt Hahn 29.15 €
Glasgow Prestwick 23.35 £
Hamburg Lübeck 33.45 €
London Stansted 25.75 £
Oslo Torp 276 Kr
Paris Beauvais 33.65 €
Tampere 32.29 €

The price you can expect for a return trip to Norrköping is therefore approximately 90 € per person (assuming 20 € per trip, including airport taxes and bus connection to Norrköping), but if you're lucky you can get it for as low as 50 €.

Staying in Norrköping

Staying in a hotel can really kill your budget. The good new is there are alternatives. There are several hostels in Norrköping. You pay approximately 15 € per night per person, to sleep in (usually) a four-beds bedroom. They are very comfortable, very nice, and there is a kitchen where you can cook your own meals and breakfasts (another great saving on the budget). If you want more privacy, one and two-bed bedrooms are also available, at a supplement.

In all STF hostels, prices assume that you are a member of HI (Hostelling International). Membership will cost you about 15 €, or 10 € if you are less than 26 years old. SVIF hostels do not have this restriction.

Total and comments

Given all theses options, the minimal budget per person for the 2004 EG Rendering Symposium (excluding conference registration) is : 110 € (three nights at Norrköping/Turistgården STF hostel, HI membership, flying Ryanair with 1€ tickets). A more typical budget would be 150-200 €.

Once again, I have chosen the tightest budget possibility. I haven't included anything for comfort, privacy or local transport.