X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene Class Reference

Class declared in <X3DTK/simplex3dglscene.h> defining a facade to allow an easy load and display of an X3D scene. More...

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Class declared in <X3DTK/simplex3dglscene.h> defining a facade to allow an easy load and display of an X3D scene.

It encapsulates basic operations or processors such as:

In the case of adding a new node to the X3D language, the X3D::Loader can be accessed to be customized by setting a new X3DTK::X3D::X3DComponentCreator. Same for the processors.

X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene scene; scene.getLoader()->setComponentCreator(new X3DTK::MyComponentCreator());

Examples: X3DViewer, glNormalViewer, newNodeViewer, icosahedronViewer, simpleAnimationViewer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::SimpleX3DGLScene  ) 


virtual X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::~SimpleX3DGLScene  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::buildGLScene  )  [protected]

Builds the GL scene graph from the X3D scene graph.

void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::computeBBox  )  [protected]

Computes the bounding boxes of the shapes of the scene.

Updates the minimum min and the maximum max of the bounding box.

virtual void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::draw  )  [virtual]

Draws the scene in an OpenGL context.

const SFVec3f& X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::getBBoxMax  )  const [inline]

Gets the bounding box maximum.

const SFVec3f& X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::getBBoxMin  )  const [inline]

Gets the bounding box minimum.

X3D::BBoxUpdater* X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::getBBoxUpdater  )  const [inline]

Gets the BBoxUpdater.

X3D::GLBuilder* X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::getGLBuilder  )  const [inline]

Gets the GLBuilder.

GL::Renderer* X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::getGLRenderer  )  const [inline]

Gets the GLRenderer.

X3D::Loader* X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::getLoader  )  const [inline]

Gets the loader.

MemReleaser* X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::getMemReleaser  )  const [inline]

Gets the MemReleaser.

virtual void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::load const char *  file,
bool  fileValidation = true

Loads the scene from the file.

void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::loadFile const char *  file,
bool  fileValidation

Loads the file in an X3D scene graph.

void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::release  ) 

Releases the memory.

virtual void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::select double  x,
double  y

Draws the scene in an OpenGL selection context.

void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::setBBoxUpdater X3D::BBoxUpdater bboxUpdater  ) 

Sets the BBoxUpdater.

void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::setFileValidator X3D::FileValidator fileValidator  ) 

Sets the FileValidator.

void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::setGLBuilder X3D::GLBuilder builder  ) 

Sets the GLBuilder.

void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::setGLRenderer GL::Renderer renderer  ) 

Sets the GLRenderer.

void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::setLoader X3D::Loader loader  ) 

Sets the loader.

void X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::setMemReleaser MemReleaser memReleaser  ) 

Sets the MemReleaser.

Member Data Documentation

GL::Scene* X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::glscene [protected]

SFVec3f X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::max [protected]

SFVec3f X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::min [protected]

X3D::Scene* X3DTK::SimpleX3DGLScene::scene [protected]

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