X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables Class Reference

Class declared in <X3DTK/X3D/scenesaver.h> providing the StateVariables of the X3D::SceneSaver processor. More...

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Public Member Functions

Detailed Description

Class declared in <X3DTK/X3D/scenesaver.h> providing the StateVariables of the X3D::SceneSaver processor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::SceneSaverStateVariables  ) 


virtual X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::~SceneSaverStateVariables  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::addName const SFString name  ) 

Adds the name to the list.

void X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::addNode SFNode  N  ) 

Adds the node N.

void X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::addTab  ) 

Adds a tabulation.

bool X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::findNode SFNode  N  ) 

Finds the node N.

void X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::finish  ) 

Finish traversal.

SFString X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::generateName  ) 

Generates a new name.

SFString& X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::getCurrentLine  ) 

Writes the string.

bool X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::getHasUSE  )  const [inline]

Returns the hasUSE variable.

SFString& X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::getOpeningLine  ) 

Writes the string.

const MFString& X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::getOutput  )  const [inline]

Gets the SFString of the output.

SFString X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::getTab  )  const [inline]

Gets the tabulation.

bool X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::hasChild  ) 

Returns TRUE if the current visited node has a child.

void X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::init  ) 

Init traversal.

void X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::initNodes  ) 

Initializes the visited nodes.

void X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::newLine  ) 

New line.

void X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::popHasUSE  ) 

Pops the hasUSE stack.

void X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::popLine  ) 

Pops the line stack.

void X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::pushCurrentLine  ) 

Pushes line.

void X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::pushHasUSE bool  value  ) 

Sets the hasUSE variable.

void X3DTK::X3D::SceneSaverStateVariables::removeTab  ) 

Removes a tabulation.

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