X3DTK::GL::RendererStateVariables Class Reference

Class declared in <X3DTK/GL/renderer.h> providing StateVariables of the GL::Renderer processor. More...

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Public Member Functions

Detailed Description

Class declared in <X3DTK/GL/renderer.h> providing StateVariables of the GL::Renderer processor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

X3DTK::GL::RendererStateVariables::RendererStateVariables  ) 


virtual X3DTK::GL::RendererStateVariables::~RendererStateVariables  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void X3DTK::GL::RendererStateVariables::finishSelect  ) 

Finishes the selection.

int X3DTK::GL::RendererStateVariables::getCurrentId  )  const [inline]

Gets the current id.

bool X3DTK::GL::RendererStateVariables::getSelectionMode  )  const [inline]

Gets the selection mode.

X3DShapeNode* X3DTK::GL::RendererStateVariables::getShape  )  const [inline]

Returns the selected shape.

void X3DTK::GL::RendererStateVariables::initSelect double  x,
double  y

Initializes the selection. x and y are the screen coordinates.

void X3DTK::GL::RendererStateVariables::setSelectionMode bool  value  ) 

Sets the selection mode.

void X3DTK::GL::RendererStateVariables::storeShape X3DShapeNode S  ) 

Stores the shape. Returns the integer identifier of the shape.

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