X3DTK::GL::PointSet Class Reference

Class declared in <X3DTK/GL/scenegraph.h> providing the GL implementation of X3D::PointSet. More...

Inheritance diagram for X3DTK::GL::PointSet:

X3DTK::GL::X3DGeometryNode X3DTK::GL::X3DNode X3DTK::X3DAbstractNode List of all members.

Public Member Functions

Detailed Description

Class declared in <X3DTK/GL/scenegraph.h> providing the GL implementation of X3D::PointSet.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

X3DTK::GL::PointSet::PointSet  ) 


virtual X3DTK::GL::PointSet::~PointSet  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

std::vector<C4UB_V3F>& X3DTK::GL::PointSet::C4UB_V3F_vertexArray  )  [inline]

Gets the C4UB_V3F vertex array.

virtual void X3DTK::GL::PointSet::draw  )  const [virtual]

Renders the node in an openGL context.

Reimplemented from X3DTK::GL::X3DGeometryNode.

const SFBool& X3DTK::GL::PointSet::getColor  )  const [inline]

Gets the color attribute.

void X3DTK::GL::PointSet::setC4UB_V3F_vertexArray const std::vector< C4UB_V3F > &  C4UB_V3F_vertexArray  ) 

Sets the C4UB_V3F vertex array.

void X3DTK::GL::PointSet::setColor const SFBool color  ) 

Sets the color attribute.

void X3DTK::GL::PointSet::setV3F_vertexArray const MFVec3f V3F_vertexArray  ) 

Sets the V3F vertex array.

virtual void X3DTK::GL::PointSet::update  )  [virtual]

Updates the attributes of the node.

Reimplemented from X3DTK::GL::X3DNode.

MFVec3f& X3DTK::GL::PointSet::V3F_vertexArray  )  [inline]

Sets the V3F vertex array.

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