X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface Class Reference

Base class declared in <X3DTK/X3D/scenegraph.h>, part of the NURBS component defining a NurbsTextureSurface (documentation). More...

Inheritance diagram for X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface:

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Public Member Functions

Detailed Description

Base class declared in <X3DTK/X3D/scenegraph.h>, part of the NURBS component defining a NurbsTextureSurface (documentation).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::NurbsTextureSurface  ) 


virtual X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::~NurbsTextureSurface  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

const MFVec2f& X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::getControlPoint  )  const [inline]

Gets the controlPoint attribute.

const SFInt32& X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::getUDimension  )  const [inline]

Gets the uDimension attribute.

const MFDouble& X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::getUKnot  )  const [inline]

Gets the uKnot attribute.

const SFInt32& X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::getUOrder  )  const [inline]

Gets the uOrder attribute.

const SFInt32& X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::getVDimension  )  const [inline]

Gets the vDimension attribute.

const MFDouble& X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::getVKnot  )  const [inline]

Gets the vKnot attribute.

const SFInt32& X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::getVOrder  )  const [inline]

Gets the vOrder attribute.

const MFFloat& X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::getWeight  )  const [inline]

Gets the weight attribute.

void X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::setControlPoint const MFVec2f controlPoint  ) 

Sets the controlPoint attribute.

void X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::setUDimension const SFInt32 uDimension  ) 

Sets the uDimension attribute.

void X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::setUKnot const MFDouble uKnot  ) 

Sets the uKnot attribute.

void X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::setUOrder const SFInt32 uOrder  ) 

Sets the uOrder attribute.

void X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::setVDimension const SFInt32 vDimension  ) 

Sets the vDimension attribute.

void X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::setVKnot const MFDouble vKnot  ) 

Sets the vKnot attribute.

void X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::setVOrder const SFInt32 vOrder  ) 

Sets the vOrder attribute.

void X3DTK::X3D::NurbsTextureSurface::setWeight const MFFloat weight  ) 

Sets the weight attribute.

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