X3D conformance


Implemented X3D nodes

Only a sub-set of the X3D standard nodes is implemented.
Our implementation is able to handle almost all static scenes.

A (*) in the GL column means that the node is also implemented in the GL scene graph.

node Component GL remark
X3DNode Core *
X3DObject Core *
X3DSensorNode Core
Box Geometry3D *
Cone Geometry3D *
Cylinder Geometry3D *
IndexedFaceSet Geometry3D *
Sphere Geometry3D *
Group Grouping *
StaticGroup Grouping *
Switch Grouping *
Transform Grouping *
X3DBoundedObject Grouping *
X3DChildNode Grouping *
X3DGroupingNode Grouping *
ColorInterpolator Interpolation
CoordinateInterpolator2D Interpolation
CoordinateInterpolator Interpolation
NormalInterpolator Interpolation
OrientationInterpolator Interpolation
PositionInterpolator2D Interpolation
PositionInterpolator Interpolation
ScalarInterpolator Interpolation
X3DInterpolatorNode Interpolation
DirectionalLight Lighting
PointLight Lighting
SpotLight Lighting
X3DLightNode Lighting
Contour2D NURBS
ContourPolyline2D NURBS
NurbsCurve2D NURBS
NurbsCurve NURBS
NurbsGroup NURBS
NurbsPositionInterpolator NURBS
NurbsSurface NURBS
NurbsTextureSurface NURBS
TrimmedSurface NURBS
X3DParametricGeometryNode NURBS
Color Rendering *
ColorRGBA Rendering *
Coordinate Rendering *
IndexedLineSet Rendering *
Normal Rendering *
PointSet Rendering *
TriangleFanSet Rendering *
TriangleSet Rendering *
TriangleStripSet Rendering *
X3DColorNode Rendering *
X3DComposedGeometryNode Rendering *
X3DCoordinateNode Rendering *
X3DGeometry3DNode Rendering *
X3DGeometryNode Rendering *
X3DNormalNode Rendering *
Appearance Shape *
FillProperties Shape
LineProperties Shape
Material Shape *
Shape Shape *
X3DAppearanceChildNode Shape *
X3DAppearanceNode Shape *
X3DMaterialNode Shape *
X3DShapeNode Shape *
ImageTexture Texturing *
TextureCoordinate Texturing *
TextureTransform Texturing
X3DTexture2DNode Texturing *
X3DTextureCoordinateNode Texturing *
X3DTextureNode Texturing *
X3DTextureTransform2DNode Texturing
X3DTextureTransformNode Texturing
X3DUrlObject Networking
Inline Networking
Collision Navigation inheritance from X3DSensorNode

* means that the node is also implemented in the GL scene graph.

The Collision node is just implemented for loading static models, it doesn't inherit from X3DSensorNode.