Gallery III

Dragon: 10.000 polygons

This test scene is composed by a dragon and three spot lights of different colors (red, green and blue)

See Deliverable 2.3-3.

Complex geometry illuminated by a sky hemisphere with highly non-uniform radiance distribution. Note that no explicit sunlight is present, the colour and shadow effects are all due to sky radiance variations.

See the Movie and Deliverable 2.4-2.

Example image computed with sunlight and skylight, and indirect illumination. The main source of illumination in the room if the patch of sunlight on the ground.

See Deliverable 2.4-2.

Dynamic Update of Radiosity Simulations.

See WP4.

Space-Time hierarchical radiosity for animations using a priori knowledge of movements.

See Movie and WP4.

Final gathering in a scene with non-diffuse emitter.

See WP4.

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