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Guillaume Loubet

INRIA Rhône-Alpes
655, avenue de l'Europe
38334 Saint Ismier Cedex
Phone:(+33) 4 76 61 5580
Fax:(+33) 4 76 61 54 40

I'm a third-year PhD student under the supervision of Fabrice Neyret.

Research themes

I work on problems related to computer graphics and I am especially interested in photo-realistic and physically-based rendering. One of the main goals of my work is to improve the efficiency of rendering by simplifying details that are smaller than pixels or that are unnecessary for other reasons (out of frustrum, hidden, out of focus). I design new tools for simplifying complex 3D assets while preserving their appearance in rendered images (level of detail (LoD)). For example, I work on methods that allow for replacing heavy 3D meshes (e.g. trees) by lighter representations so that there are no differences in final images.

Interests: rendering, phase functions, LoDs, sampling, mesh simplification, texture filtering, optics, volumetric models, path tracing, aliasing

Recent publications


Guillaume Loubet, Fabrice Neyret
Hybrid mesh-volume LoDs for all-scale pre-filtering of complex 3D assets
Computer Graphics Forum, Wiley, 2017, 36 (2), pp.431--442. 〈10.1111/cgf.13138〉
DOI : 10.1111/cgf.13138
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Curriculum Vitae

2015 (July-August) : I worked at Weta Digital (Wellington, NZ) in the team in charge of LoDs for production.

2014-2018? : PhD

2011-2014 : student at the ENSIMAG, master degree in mathematics, modeling, image processing and simulations.

2014 : master degree thesis with Fabrice Neyret on real-time galaxy and dust clouds rendering (local model for single scattering, appearance of heterogeneous dust clouds, procedural noises).

Dust cloud rendering Dust cloud rendering Dust cloud rendering Dust cloud rendering Dust cloud rendering

Other models on Shadertoy : Cloud enlighting

2013 : 3 months internship at the SurgiQual Institute. I worked on visualization of medical data on tablets.

2011 : 6 week internship at the instituto de investigaciones marinas, in Vigo, Spain.

2009-2011 : student at the prepa des INP

Personal area

About the red-eye effet (in French): Flash, red eyes and yellow eyes

About polarisation (in French but video and figures): Circular polarization and 3D glasses

About modeling: Modeling Carcassonne

Modeling a strange cinema in Grenoble: Les secrets de La Nef

Some personal work (Blender, Gimp, Inkscape and photography, more in my blog ) :

Octobre Matin Aragon en Cabardès Triangulation Anisotropy rendering Anisotropy rendering Hair rendering Taillefer Fontaine 3 ordres Fern new zealand Glass ice rendering textured Book Rendering Blender Carcassonne 3D model Carcassonne 3D model Grenoble Fontaine Bug Rendering Textures 3D Blender Rendering Mosaic 3D textures Blender Rendering Lego rendering blender Light bulb from an Icosahedron Coffee Tower Carcassonne Cité 3D model Autoportrait

time-lapse videos of clouds (Grenoble):

I was a student in the Grenoble Music School as a pianist until 2016.